Guns and Lies

NBC Plays Bait And Switch

NBC's Jeff Rossen
For years now the mainstream media has been trotting out the same lame story in an effort to restrict American gun ownership to the powerful elite.  The latest episode comes from the National Broadcast Corporation's (NBC) Today Show.  Perhaps that should be the National Socialist Broadcast Corporation, since what they advocate is more along the lines of the 1938 German Weapons Act than anything that represents freedom, but that would be too truthful.

Rossen Reports: Anyone can buy guns, no questions asked
Legal loophole permits weapons powerful enough to down aircraft to be sold without checks

(full transcript and video at the link, full embedded video at the end of this post)

The first lie is in the subtitle.  Private sales are not a "loophole" of any kind.  This whole article, like everything else that the Socialist will tell you, is a layering of lies intended to scare people into giving up their rights.  It began with the Stalinists trying to disarm America and continues today under the neo-Stalinists.

Actually, it began with the Progressives trying to disarm Blacks, then the Stalinists tried to make it popular to disarm everybody else. Somehow, even in New York City, the connected elite still get to carry guns.  Don Imus and Howard Stern are reported to have concealed carry permits in the Big Apple.

First, some shock is laid down that strangers use the internet to meet each other, even if they are going to engage in commerce, accompanied with a quick bait and switch.  Instead of a rambling narrative, I have created a fair use video Fisking for your enjoyment.
Here is the original, embedded from NBC's very own website.

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