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I always thought Che Guevara looked like a Planet of the Apes character.

This was sitting in my email spam folder for a couple of days.  Finally replied just now.
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On 12/1/12, Mary Smith <sender's address redacted> wrote:
> I saw your webpage on the Walmart actions and shop-ins. I agree that this
> tactic is not the best because it actually makes the workers jobs harder in
> that they must put away all the unsold merchandise.
> As for the rest of your page, you are quite confused and apparently have
> not done much reading in your life or have ignored the facts. National
> socialism is the opposite of socialism. In Germany, the communist party was
> becoming quite popular and was winning elections. The economy was in a bad
> position because of reparations and demands put on Germany following WW1,
> which required the working class of Germany to suffer financial
> consequences imposed by other countries. Hitler was Chancellor and
> parliament was suspiciously burned down (most likely by the Nazi Party) and
> one party rule was declared by Hitler. He blamed the communists.
> Fascism is a knee jerk reaction by the capitalists when capitalism is
> threatened. The only thing threatening the small minority that stand over
> society is socialism. Socialism means the people running society in the
> interests of the masses. That means taking huge industries under public
> ownership to create jobs (the rich won't do that when their system is in
> crisis) and democratically deciding what should be made and how people
> should be paid, unlike the dictatorship of Wall Street. When society is ran
> only for profit, it destroys the environment, contaminates our food, and
> allows people to die unnecessarily for lack of health care. It is quite
> authoritarian for one person, a CEO, to decide what a company produces and
> how people should be paid. The salaries of these folks, who are no smarter
> than most of us, are exorbitant so we are led to believe that they have
> "special" skills and knowledge to make decisions over our livelihood. We,
> the working class, run society. We make all the products and provide all
> the services. We fill the bread baskets of the world. The only thing
> preventing us from getting our fair share, is the capitalist.
> The industrialists in this country and other countries supported Hitler
> coming to power and Winston Churchill attempted to befriend him but was
> scoffed at. Hitler, like Stalin, killed many communists and socialists and
> those of us who understand history, know the difference between fascists
> and socialists. There is a world of difference because they are opposites.
> I have devoted much of the last twelve years studying history, revolutions
> and democratic socialism. Socialism is becoming quite popular. In the
> November election in Seattle's 43rd District, a socialist won 29% of the
> vote while running against the strongest Democrat in Washington State. That
> is historic! Capitalism created me and historically and as Marx said, it
> will create its own gravediggers.

My reply on 9 December 2012:

You seem to be the one who does not read much of the history, or you
just get the meanings of words from whomever tossed them to you.
Parts of your note reads like a copy/paste job from Sergei Eisenstein.
The rest reads like a Hitler speech extolling Socialism and saying
that wealth from some needs to be spread around to the many.
Actually, every Socialist says that and Hitler was no exception.

Socialism is the opposite of individualism. Command directed
economies are the opposite of Lazes-Faire. Both the International
Socialists (you know who they are, right?) and the National Socialists
(your wording does not seem to indicate that you know what they are)
all used Command Directed economies and cannot possibly be the
opposite of each other if they are doing the same thing.

National Socialism is nothing more than Socialism not approved of by
Stalin. See Stalin's definition of "social democracy" which he called
fascism. I have a post or two about that with links to sources. If
you don’t believe me, browse about Marxists.Org if you like.

You confuse the Marxist term “Capitalism” for something the
free-market is not. What you describe is “Crony Capitalism” which is
not free-market at all, with Lenin and Stalin engaging in exactly the
same thing. Where do you think all those Fordson tractors came from?

National Socialists were Keynesian before the ink was dry on many of
John Maynard Keynes’ theories.

If anybody needs to read up on things, you might try it before
responding to anybody else who criticizes all of the Socialisms.
Folks who prefer one form over another would love your comments.
 Of course, this exchange will be in the new book.

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