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#OccupyWalmart Adds A Juvenile Sophomoric Touch To The Shop-In

(Updated 04 DEC 2011)
So far in the latest bitch, whine, and complain demonstration nostalgia of the 1960s we have had Teach-Ins, Sit-Ins, along with piss-and-shit-ins. Now the bush league Ad-Busters scripted, American Nazi Party endorsed #Occupy children, decided to dig out another discarded protest idea that involves a field trip.  This one from the 1960s, pioneered by the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE): The Shop-In
Cumberland Evening Times, Friday, February 28, 1964
Negroes Stage Shop-in Protests
New Weapon Used By Civil Rights Demonstrators
In the shop-in,. demonstrators enter a store, fill shopping carts with, groceries, wheel them to the counter, have them checked out, then say they can't pay and leave the sacks and boxes piled in front of clerks.
Members of the Congress of Racial Equality began the tactic last week at supermarkets of Lucky Stores, Inc. in San Francisco, at Berkeley, home of the University of California, and at Palo Alto to the south, adjacent to Stanford University.
They contend Lucky didn't fulfill an agreement to hire additional Negroes. Lucky flatly denied it, pointed to its Negro employes and said it would have no part of "reverse discrimination."
Tuesday, the largest Negro group in San Francisco, the Baptist Ministers Union said it would sever its ties with CORE if the shop-ins didn't stop.
"CORE has a right to picket, but if it continues 'to use this tactic, we just can't go along," said the Rev. George L. Bedford, head of the group representing 40,000 of the city's 85,000 Negroes.
In 1964, CORE was picketing grocery stores that they did not like, but that tactic did not impact business enough.  So, they tried a new tactic, clogging up the stores so nobody else could buy anything.  Later in 1967, CORE was a key player in the Detroit Riot.

Now, the new kids come along with their version: #OccupyBlackFriday

Instead of a trespassing protest on private property to get a grocery store that already employs Black people to . . . employ Black people a la CORE, the #Occupy kids make a mess trespassing on private property to demand . . . people shop locally?

The original shopins were so successful that they ended up on the trash-heap of history for almost forty years.  The old fart Commies running this #Occupy circus must have some memory of the shopins of old, and how they went over.  Perhaps they do not, because until recently one had to remember them from the 1960s because there was precious little to be found about them online.  The effect was pissing people off, so maybe they do remember and it fits right in with the rest of #Occupy.  There is an old film or two about the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s that PBS channels play on occasion, but that is about it.  I have been asking for source information about shopins for years and this week was the first time I found a news report from the period that mentioned "shop-ins".

In Liberal Fascism, or during his book tour, Jonah Goldberg mentioned that around the time of Hitler's rise in Germany there were protests against department stores there, similar to the Walmart hate we witness in America today.  I am still looking for direct references to that and any information is welcome.

Daniel J. Flynn has a great response to #OccupyWalmart at Human Events.  Rush Limbaugh mentioned the ruckus on his show, apparently before it spread to Target, Best Buy and other stores.

The Blaze covered the Dayton 'event' like this:
Black Friday shoppers in Dayton, Ohio, were in for a rude awakening when Occupy Dayton protesters (we’ve reported on their antics before) entered a local Walmart and Target and began mic-checking and berating individuals and families.

On the protest group’s YouTube page, a five and a half minute video has been posted. In it, Occupiers document and promote the torment they attempt to inflict on shoppers.

At the 40 second mark, you’ll see the first clip, which was taken at a local Target store. Around 1:08, a male voice can be heard asking, “Ready?” Within seconds, the protesters begin yelling, “Mic check!” Then, they launch into their seemingly endless chant:

“Hello Daytonians. We have a message for you. This will only take a moment. It is shameful that you spend your hard-earned money at a corporation who does not care about your family. They insult the 99 percent. They pay little or no taxes, while profits soar. Our tax money goes to our public schools. We find it an outrage that you continue to shop here in support of a corporation who does not support you.”
Video from The Blaze:

I am not up on Walmart getting any free ride on sales taxes.  They frequently get property tax incentives thrown at them by local governments competing with other local governments for Walmart to build a store in their town, which is really an abuse of government power.  Neither am I certain if Ohioans fund public schools with sales taxes generated at Walmart.  I am betting that the Occupiers have a few tax facts wrong.

Also, if you don't think that the American Nazis are Socialists, try looking at their endorsement of #OWS for their "anti-capitalist" positions.  Just because they mix racism with Socialism does not make them any less Socialistic.

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