Friday, December 2, 2011

Obama Coddles Radical Islam Just Like FDR Coddled Communists

Followup here.

"Controversial" FBI video:
If you view the video, William Gawthrop makes it quite clear that he is teaching about the ideology associated with Islam, not the religious aspects of man's relationship with God, but man's relationship with man.  A different way to state it, that he does not state, would be to imagine Socialism as a stated religion and limit the discussion to the economic and social ideology, including its war with the free market.

This is quite different than examining organized crime figures who attend Catholic Church and imagining/inventing that the Catholic Church is promoting organized crime.  It is examining a belief system that promotes and recruits terrorists, as Christopher Hitchens speaks about on a regular basis.

He gives examples of other ideologically motivated acts of terror too, but there is no outcry against that.

The following is from a Leftist commentator who reported on the above clip, then said jump.  Obama responded how high, Sir?  To some, any linking of jihadists to their terror networks is speech that cannot be condoned.
Obama Orders Government to Clean Up Terror Training
By Spencer Ackerman
The White House quietly ordered a widespread review of government counterterrorism training materials last month, following Danger Room’s reports that officials at the FBI, military and Justice Department taught their colleagues that “mainstream” Muslims embrace violence and compared the Islamic religion to the Death Star.
Gawthrop did nothing of the sort!  Look at the video. Just after the 18:00 mark he mentions economically poor societies that are not sending out suicide bombers and points out how the jihadists are different.  He mentions Islamic law and how Islam is the form of government to some.

At 20:20 he uses the example of a US Aircraft Carrier and how the nuclear reactor is its source of strength, a critical vulnerability.  To continue the illustration he mentions the Death Star and how it was destroyed, with a "torpedo" down a shaft to the core reactor to attack its critical vulnerability.  Then he goes back to the critical vulnerabilities of jihadist terrorists and tells analysts to focus there.
According to a Pentagon memorandum acquired by Danger Room, the White House’s National Security Staff in October requested “Departments and Agencies” to “provide their screening process for CVE trainers and speakers.” (.pdf) CVE refers to “Countering Violent Extremism,” the euphemism du jour for the war on terrorism. The memorandum says that “recent media attention” led to the review, and contains a single attachment to demonstrate that attention: “Spencer Ackerman’s article.”

The ongoing review will examine whether counterterrorism training material throughout the government is accurate and relevant, and will make sure the briefings given to federal field offices and local cops meet the same standards as FBI headquarters or the Pentagon. Jose Mayorga, a retired two-star general who now serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, oversaw the Pentagon’s contribution to the White House review. In the memo, dated Oct. 16, Mayorga asked aides to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to collect counterterrorism training materials at the “service academies and major academic centers (e.g., Joint Special Operations University, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center and National Defense Intelligence College)” by Oct. 31, a deadline that Pentagon spokesman Robert Ditchey says has “been extended” so the department can be “comprehensive and deliberate.”
Part of the first wave to ignore Islamic motivated terror is a scrub of CVE training slides, the words "Islam" and "terrorism" cannot appear on the same slide.  With the direction this is taking, it will be impossible to mention the threats that the government is supposed to be countering.

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