Racism and Bigotry

Inspired by the 'great' Robert Paxton, this page is devoted to great acts of Liberalism by the Liberal Left, in their own words.

Can anybody dispute that Vice President Joe Biden is a Liberal? He is a National Socialist too, but let's stick to his race statements:

What about Joe Biden on business owners in Delaware?

No, Biden is not joking. He says so in the video.

How about this Thaddeus Matthews fellow? Liberal or Right Wing ConservativeBigot or not?

More of Mr. Matthews here:

Warren Ballentine
What about Warren Ballentine? Liberal or Conservative?
Yes, the Obama the 'Magic Negro' thing did come from LA Times columnist, David Ehrenstein.

Is Helen Thomas a Conservative or a Liberal?

How about Bill Maher, Liberal or Conservative?

Was President Lyndon Baines Johnson a Liberal or a Conservative?

From a November, 2011 post, is King Shabazz a product of the Left or the Right?  Liberal or Conservative?

What about Danny Cline?  Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative?

What about this Anti-Semite at #OccupyDC? Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative? (had the wrong video here in an earlier version of this page)

How about Michael Moore who called Evrod Cassimy "punk media" and a liar while pushing him around?  Rich White Liberal or wealthy Conservative?

Above are all undisputed Left Wing Liberals, praised by the American and international Left.  Every one of them a racist bigot who speaks the same way one would imagine Hitler and his friends speaking.  Except perhaps for Bill Maher, who desires Black leaders to fit a stereotype which he finds cool, which is still bigotry.

This is what Liberal Fascism looks like:
Bill Maher tells the world what Progressives really mean when they say "Kenyan" and Michael Richards expands on that thought.
 Face it Lefties, you own racism and bigotry.

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