Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Socialists/Leftists Are The Most Bigoted People Anywhere

Before you start rattling off a list that begins with Ku Klux Klan (KKK), you might want to look at their origins and then thank me for the link, agree that they were Leftist, Statist, bigoted busybodies who wanted to restrict individual liberty through legislation and terror.

Now, for the freshest Leftist bigotry in America, we need only look at the MSNBC video of one young Mr. Touré exposing his own bigotry toward race-mixing (video and story at the link, video also embed below).  As quoted by RCP:

Martin Bashir, host: "Toure, you were just nodding your head agreeing with Karen? What, on the ethnicity of the accuser?"

Toure: "Yes, absolutely. Charles Blow was talking about this the other day. What sort of comb, he says, does these women use? We're going to see how open the GOP is to this black -- their 'new black friend' when they find out he is harassing blonde women as opposed to black women. That sort of thing of black sexuality -- predatory black sexuality. Very frightening in this country, still. Very threatening. So we'll see how that plays out. "

The Charles Blow comment in question is eluding me for some reason after searching  Google, You Tube, and other search facilities.

Apparently Mr. Touré does not get out much.  If he did, he would see every variety of racial mixing in American society without a bit of Conservative harassment to be found.  That is, unless you categorize the New Black Panther Party and King Samir Shabazz as some, as yet unknown, flavor of Conservative:

Sadly, the video above is now missing the clip embeded below and the good King Shabazz does not appear when searched on their site.  He shouts from a bull horn that he wants to kill all white people and screams at Black men "sliding through South street with filthy White cracker whores".  National Geographic terms this as King Shabazz preaching separatism "only to his people."

Point being, nothing has changed with the Progressives/Socialists/Leftists of the 1860s.

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