Monday, November 7, 2011

Smoking Nazis vs. Anti-Smoking Nazis

A smoking Nazi
The term "smoking Nazi" is more accurate than most Americans realize. We, the smokers, when using the term "smoking Nazi" are generally speaking of the annoying busybodies who use the police power of the government to eliminate locations where we can smoke, no matter what the location owner has to say about it.  Side note, in modern discourse, the "anti" prefix seems to be affixed to all sorts of things that are already anit.  "Smoking Nazi" means the same as "Anti-Smoking Nazi" these days.  Another artifact of leftists destroying the English language to a set of meaningless words.

Anti-Smoking Nazi
The bans now extend to homes in Belmont, CA, a far cry from the "protecting workers in the workplace" argument, or even the "smoke is offensive" argument, that the American equivalent of National Socialists in both major parties began with in their assault on individual rights.Yes, smoking anything is an individual right.  Any argument against that notion that smoking anything is an individual right is pure bullshit.

Just how accurate is the invective "Smoking Nazi"?  Read for yourself (do not limit yourself to the WikiPedia article, look up the references too):
A German National Socialist Party Anti-Smoking ad.
The Nazi anti-tobacco campaign included banning smoking in trams, buses and city trains,[6]promoting health education,[12] limiting cigarette rations in the Wehrmacht, organizing medical lectures for soldiers, and raising the tobacco tax.[6] The National Socialists also imposed restrictions on tobacco advertising and smoking in public spaces, and regulated restaurants and coffeehouses.[6] The anti-tobacco movement did not have much effect in the early years of the Nazi regime and tobacco use increased between 1933 and 1939,[13] but smoking by military personnel declined from 1939 to 1945.[14] Even by the end of the 20th century, the anti-smoking movement in postwar Germany had not attained the influence of the Nazi anti-smoking campaign.[13]
Ernst Rohm: Openly Homosexual Nazi and Cured Smoker
Another side note, the depiction of the German military smoking cigarettes all of the time in movies and such, when the National Socialist Worker's Party took over with single party rule, that habit was seriously frowned upon.  Images of German soldiers smoking cigarettes can be found, but they are rare compared to other armies of the time, although German soldiers smoking pipes are common.  Also, the term "Nazi Soldier" is technically wrong, since members of the Wehrmacht were banned from political party affiliation.  However, in short order, after all Parties but the National Socialist German Workers Party were banned, the German military had high percentages of Nazi party members running things.  At any rate, the popular culture image of cigarette smoking German soldiers, Airmen and Sailors is exaggerated.  Also, Adolph Hitler is rumored to be an ex-smoker, adding even more fuel to the irony of the Smoking Nazi image.

Today in the USA, the Nazis are winning almost every battle against individual choice.  Even in California, where as mentioned above local communities can ban tobacco smoking in the home, it is may be illegal soon to prevent marijuana smoking in a business, if it is not illegal already.

As with all arguments from Leftist Socialists, their heart-string pulling arguments go up in smoke as soon as they get their way.  The war on tobacco was never about people damaging their lungs over a period of decades, it was about someone making money off of a legal product.  It was all a smokescreen to take down another segment of profitable industry.

If the evidence is too muddy, then consider this.  It is never healthy to fill your lungs with smoke, no matter the composition of the smoke.  When nicotine can be delivered with harmless water vapor, the Smoking Nazis are still against it.

Oddly (not really) the marihuana advocates do have a limit to what is acceptable for supplying the legal pot user market: profits.  Yes, the folks who will use any (unneeded) Trojan Horse to bring marijuana into mainstream acceptance, including medical use, have a fit if anybody makes any money off of the deal.  Jacob Sullum points out they hysterical objection to profit making here.

Obama Fried Chicken: Beijing
For some reason, the Socialist Left does not mind Red China making a profit off of solar panels, at least not as long as Red China continues to be a Communist regime ruling over one billion slaves.  Stay tuned for that tune to change.  The only serious objection against Red China's crony capitalistic adventure seems to be against popular fast food franchises.

This is not rocket surgery.  All you have to do is listen to what the Socialists say and you will know where they are going.

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