Monday, November 14, 2011

This Is What Passes For "History" Today? Communist: Lillian Hellman

Communist Lillian Hellman (but not a Party member)
When are American historians going to get serious about American history?  Almost two decades after the Venona Decrypts show that the Soviets were actively, deeply, infiltrating the "commanding heights of society" in the West became available, I came across this:

Jun 20, 1905: 
Lillian Hellman is born
. . .

Hellman had a long relationship and lived sporadically with hard-boiled mystery writer and former private eye Dashiell Hammett. Both their lives were shattered by Senator McCarthy's anticommunist campaign, though neither were communists. Hammett went to jail, and Hellman lost her home. After Hammett's release, he fell ill. She cared for him until his death in 1961. She wrote many more highly acclaimed plays, as well as screenplays and four books of memoirs. She taught at Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley, and died of a heart attack on Martha's Vineyard in 1989.
Emphasis mine.

I ran across this tripe in my honest efforts to find just one falsely accused person from the McCarthy hearings.  Thank goodness Jewish World Review was on the case in 1998: New facility, old politics: the DCJCC's blacklist dishonorees and they do a fine job of exposing 'The Hollywood 10' for what they were, but most of the article is devoted to exposing the apologists for Soviet agents working in the USA.

Was she actually in any Venona documents?  No, but her supporters provide better evidence than a dry cable ever could:

Herbert MitgangDangerous dossiers : exposing the secret war against America's greatest authorsNew York : D.I. Fine, 1988.Lillian Hellman's FBI file

She had deep connections with Communist organizers, including Hammett.  She was involved with numerous Soviet front groups too: The League of Woman's Shoppers, Abraham Lincoln Brigade, took the fifth when asked in a House of Representatives committee if she was a member of the Communist party, etc.

Now, just exactly how was this woman's life "shattered" with any false accusation?  Also, please, someone show me one single person who was falsely accused of working for the Soviets during the McCarthy/Kennedy/Nixon hearings?

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