Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Socialist Watches His Own Video Clips

It is impossible to surf the Leftist dominated 'net without finding some hilarious post from a Leftist/Communist/Socialist.  One can avoid porn easier than one can avoid clueless Leftists who do not even read or watch what they comment on.  This exhibit is much more blatant than my observations about Leftists and PBS.

Behold the caption by dwendt66 for the following video of Jerry Rubin hawking a book:
A McCarthyite suggests to Jerry Rubin on a 1970 Donahue episode if his new book "Do It" advocates a Communist take over of the USA.
Now, here is the video:

That 'McCarthyite' was quoting from Jerry Rubin's book, DO iT! and at 0:44 Rubin responded: "I call it a Communist takeover of all private property."  Rubin continues on about his advocacy for Communism and expresses his belief that the peoples of Latin America, Asia and Africa have the right to "take over American land."

For those who do not know how Jerry Rubin met his demise, he died jaywalking on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.  The glowing New York Times "week in review" story glosses over the circumstances that the Seattle Times revealed three paragraph-sentences into their story on 29 NOV 1994:
Rubin had been at the University of California-Los Angeles Medical Center since Nov. 14 (1994), when he was hit by a car while jaywalking across Wilshire Boulevard near his Brentwood home.
Note that the Brentwood area of  Los Angeles was and still is a pretty expensive neighborhood.  The Wikipedia entry reveals: It was a weekday evening and traffic was heavy, with three lanes in each direction. A car swerved to miss Rubin but a second car, immediately behind the first, was unable to avoid him.

The reader can digest all that themselves without further comment from me.

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