Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Senator Joseph McCarthy Was Right And The Elite Left Knew It All Along

The fakes were drawing the cartoons.
If this 'revelation' is new to you, then shame on you.  Even the most pedestrian of the Lenin/Stalin/Mao t-shirt wearing academic crowd should know this by now.  Getting them to admit to it is like getting them to admit that the Rosenbergs were spies, rather than victims of Jewish bigotry or that Alger Hiss really was a spy for the Soviet Union.

At the time of this writing, several Red Diaper Babies as diverse as David Horowitz and Carl Bernstein have corroborated that Joe McCarthy was correct.  The Venona decrypts of secret Soviet communications and the Soviet archives have confirmed it too.  What other evidence do you people need?  Point your favorite search engine at the topic and look it up yourself.  This one is too easy to find to require help.

As for my charge that the elite Left knew it all along, well, they were part of the plan and they were read into it.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt had his diplomats warn the Soviets of their tapped phones after being presented with evidence of Soviet infiltration of the US government, including the military.  He himself packed the Pentagon full of Soviet agents and sympathizers.

FDR's successor, Harry Truman was informed of the extent of Soviet infiltration and blew it off as ammunition that the Republicans might use against him, in typical Democrat fashion.

This lunacy of fiction, that the Soviets were either so adept at infiltrating the US government that not a single one was caught, or conversely, that the Soviets were really nice guys who would never spy on an ally or an enemy, has infected our history so deeply that even the Pentagon tour guides describe the courtyard hotdog stand in this manner:
“Rumor has it that during the Cold War the Russians never had any less than two missiles aimed at this hot dog stand,” Brett Eaton, an information and communications officer for Washington Headquarters Services, said while standing in front of the building. “They thought this was the Pentagon’s most top secret meeting room, and the entire Pentagon was a large fortress built around this hot dog stand.”
Reportedly, by using satellite imagery, the Soviets could see groups of U.S. military officers entering and exiting the hot dog stand at about the same time every day. They concluded that the stand was the entrance to an underground bunker. “They (Soviets) thought the officers were going to get their top secret briefings in a protected area, but really they were just going to get lunch,” Eaton said with a chuckle.

The legend surrounding the hot dog stand is even spun by official Pentagon tour guides during public tours of the building. “It's rumored that a portion of their (Soviet) nuclear arsenal was directed at that building, the Pentagon hot dog stand,” tour guides tell visitors as they pass the stand. “This is where the building earned the nickname Cafe Ground Zero, the deadliest hot dog stand in the world.”
Satellite imagery to see the rank insignia on the shoulders of military personnel?  US current satellite imagery could not even identify bin Laden with that level of confidence in 2001-2011.  when one targets anything with any size munition. center mass is where you are supposed to aim, exactly where the hot dog stand is located and it was common to program multiple warheads on important targets, just in case some do not make it to the target.

Instead of admitting the obvious answer, that has been out there for everybody to know including those in "the commanding heights of society", a big long story base on bullshit had to be spun.

Mind you, those who spread the "academic research" and "media research" that McCarthy was on a "witch hunt" are the same people who blow off The Red Terror.  The same people who excuse "The Great Leap Forward" in Mao's China and ignore the 67 million deaths that were the result.  The same people who do not bother to inform anybody that the Cultural Revolution was a destruction of Chinese culture.  The same people who blame Stalin's extermination of Ukrainians on a "famine" and refuse to equate it with the Nazi Holocaust.

Yes, the same people who try to further the falsehood that National Socialism was the "polar opposite" of International Socialism and that Hitler was worse than the French, Soviets, Red Chinese, Communist Vietnamese, and the rest.

Again I ask the academics and news media, show us a polar opposite of Socialism that was brutal, even a little mean.  There must be some actual "Right Wing" laissez-faire regime somewhere that they can point to with honesty, right?

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