Saturday, October 29, 2011

Socialist Of The Week: Lawrence O'Donnell

Socialist of the Week Ending 10/29/2011: Lawrence O'Donnell
I planned to feature major feats of typical, transparent socialism on this blog from the beginning  Here is the first winner:  Lawrence O'Donnell

Host O'Donnell tees up a question for a #OccupyOakland protestor, who whiffs it.

She knows to exaggerate tear gas into "chemical weapons," but she did not have the presence to lie about the rock and bottle throwing.

A transcript from Glenn Beck:
“At that point we were in a position where we had to deploy gas in order to stop the crowd and people from pelting us with bottles and rocks,” the Oakland Interim Chief of Police told reporters following scrutiny of the police response to the protesters in Oakland.

“Did you see people throwing bottles and rocks at the police before they used those tactics?” O’Donnell asked a protester.

“Umm, yeah. People were doing that,” the protester told the MSNBC host.
The Cosmotarians at Reason magazine even said the police were the ones doing the rioting:
Members of the Oakland Police Department rioted last night, firing tear gas and chasing residents. (Bonus: Slate explains why tear gas isn't illegal.)
One can only guess that Reason's inclusion of the Slate information is the way they share an affinity with the 'oppressed' Viet Cong 'victims' of tear gas, but I digress.
Occupy Oakland
This tactic employed by O'Donnell, lying about who initiated violence, was perfected in the American media during the 1960s by Soviet backed International Socialists, like David Horowitz.  Horowitz has spoken often, and in detail, abut the tactics he and his friends used through the Cold War to help the Soviets on every front and try to take down the United States.

The same thing is happening now, with MSNBC taking up the torch of Socialism against anybody in striking distance.

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