Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street 99 Percenters

The latest Socialistic foot stomping fetish is the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd.  It is nothing new, nothing unique, in the history of the Socialist core belief: "Others have stuff, let's beat them up and steal it!"  This latest eruption of the fetish began with a group of whiny crybabies who were against something, but not for anything.  It is yet another in endless reruns of 1884 Chicago, with less focus.

Occupy Wall Street is now a catchall for any and all whiny persons who decided to borrow money for a liberal arts degree, or worse, but did not manage to become rich in the process.  Their messages are the same, "nobody gave us enough stuff, so we want the government to take it from others."  The "movement" is full of the examples captured at

Let me rephrase that for the bitch.
I am 22. I have been fucking around on him for 3 years.
When he was 19, he joined the Navy to make something of himself. I was too self-absorbed to follow him and nobody told me I needed to cut the cord to mom & dad when I got married.
He is stationed out West begging me to join him. I have two or three fuckbuddies on the side and am enjoying his BAQ so I can't be bothered to move, even though the Navy would pay for it.
HE never wanted this. I'm kinda okay with this, at least until he ETS's and comes home.
I am the 99%. He is the 1% who is doing something with his life.
 This one stands on its own:
 "If you can't afford to eat, why do you have cable TV?"

This is just the latest street theater (what better way for a bunch of unemployed artists to express themselves?) is no different than the antics of Albert Parson's in 19th century Chicago.  Expect this bunch to head to the suburbs soon, knocking on the doors of the "capitalists" who "deprived" them.  Don't expect them to march, they have public funded transportation now.

Note: More videos of the obnoxious Danny Cline, aka Lotion Man, can be found here.

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