Monday, October 10, 2011

Those Zeitgeist Clowns

I have a researcher looking into the Zeitgeist clowns, interested in other input too.  From the Wikipedia entry, they sound like a bunch of scientific socialists who are giving the leadership promise to the techno geeks.  One core claim, that machines rather than people will not decide the resourcing of earth, can only be believed by Luddites or idiots who do not know that computers are just tools that people use.  You know, the people (apparently they still exist) who think computers do your homework for you.

Thinking this will get a whole section, since there seem to be many people following it but not much in print comparing it to the other Socialisms or demonstrating that it is nothing more than prettied-up theft.

More on these fools here:

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  1. No no shortage of fools in TZM, that's for sure.