Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Thinks #OccupySomeplace Is Like The Tea Party or like Fight Club?

One thing that can possibly sillier than the #Occupy "movement" is the people who write about it.  Especially the ones looking for similarities to the Tea Party.

Other than being diametrically opposites, exactly like Socialism vs. Libertarianism, there are no similarities at all.  Yes, I said it that way on purpose.

If you want to find a similarity between #Occupy and anything modern, you must turn to fiction entertainment.  One film that comes to mind is Fight Club, a film from 1999 with the social message that we can all be equal if only the evil, bad, unfair credit bureau databases were erased.  In the movie, the domestic terrorism plot was financed through fraud against a corporation, resulting in billions of dollars worth of information and real property blown up in Manhattan.

The #Occupy crowd has a similar solution, although they have not yet used explosives.  They are calling for loan forgiveness on pretty much any loan that their members willingly received, typically for college degrees that employers find less valuable than a Commercial Driver's License.  Other loans are in there too, but this crowd expects the government to steal from "the rich" and "the banks" to pay for their collective bad consumer choice.

Somehow, they feel that the way to do this is by empowering the same government organs that now over regulate lenders even more power.  The sad thing is, these people would not have the debt they have if it were not for government programs proscribing this sort of haphazard lending to begin with.  The #Occupy crowd wishes to give even more power to the government people who bailed out the lenders several times in a row, with little or no relief to the people who ignorantly bumbled, or rushed, into these questionable loans to begin with.

If only the government were more Libertarian rather than Socialist, the government would be concerned with the properness of contracts and the people lending the money would be worried about getting their $100,000 back from an art student, or not.

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