Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun Propaganda Tweet Of The Weekend

Noticed this little gem this AM:

If you were any type of educated man you would know there is a difference between communism and socialism. try research.
18 Nov via TweetDeck
Hitler and Stalin
The  Twitter-length answer is that: Communism (International Socialism) is a subset of Socialism.  What is hilarious every trip of the train is how the Socialists (National, International, Scientific, Democratic) all pipe up that anybody who notices this needs more education.

No, little Ninja, we do not need any more education.  We usually arrive at this realization by examining the facts in spite of the propaganda from the Western Education Industry.

They might be different in rhetoric, but in practice they are the same.
Obama has some catching up to do if he is going to be a hero of the Left.
PS. , if Socialism is somehow divorced from Communism and you #Occupy urchins truly believe that you are something different from Communists, you might want to direct your education advice at the folks making your posters:
By-the-by, that "power fist" goes back to the 1860s or earlier.  The Democrats opposing Lincoln used it in their posters.

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