Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall St. honors Communist terrorist group with new protest – Glenn Beck

Via Glenn Beck's blog The Blaze. This deserves more investigation. As you have seen in other posts here, not much leftist "innovation" is very innovative at all. They constantly recycle their misdirection and are pretty successful at fooling people who never bothered to look up the past.  First, take a look at the poster the Junior League Communists are using to create even more disruption for innocent bystanders:
Interesting appropriation of this event (longer version video link that prohibited embedding):

The interesting part is the Chinese man challenging the tanks was opposing exactly what the #Occupy clowns are demanding.  Twenty years later, the man's identity is still a mystery.  From the longer version video link that prohibited embedding, we see that the man was spirited away by four other men, rather than being run over by tanks on the spot.  The AP story does not mention this.

Now for the Glenn Beck take:

Occupy Wall St. honors Communist terrorist group with new protest – Glenn Beck (click for the rest):
UPDATE: I admit to starting this post with half tongue-in-cheek as mockery for our treatment by the media for 8.28. But, honestly—I’m convincing myself a little. The official Occupy Wall Street site is literally calling the march the “N17 Mass Direct Action.”
Again from the Council on Foreign Relations: “November 17, Revolutionary People’s Struggle, Revolutionary Struggle (Greece, leftists)” is “A radical, leftist Greek terrorist group, also known as 17 N or N 17” who aims to launch “an anti-capitalist popular uprising against the Greek middle and upper-classes.” When is the last time you heard someone say “we have our Christmas party on D22.” “I was born on F9.” Who says “N17” for November 17th? Is that common here in America?
I know their public excuse for the “direct action” is two months of “occupation.” I understand that is what they are saying publicly. But, this is just the leadership of this group honoring a bunch of their heroes with a subtle tip of the cap. The true believers get a chuckle while the useful idiots march in solidarity with something that they don’t understand.
Like I said, this deserves more research.

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