Tuesday, January 31, 2012

60 Minutes Finds A Way To Criticize Red China

Fashionista Vladimir Lenin
Socialists (National, International, Liberal Leftists, etc) really have no core values beyond fashion.  It was true under Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Владимир Ильич Ленин) and it is still true today.

60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl
In this installment, witness what has 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl all a twitter (aired Jan. 8, 2012).  Is it how 'unfair' it is that the poorest children in Africa or Detroit cannot afford a succulent Italian truffle?  No.  Is it unfairness to pigs that they no longer get to munch on Italian white truffles, being replaced by slave dogs?  No.  She and her producers are upset that Chinese white truffles do not taste as good as Italian truffles:
In the video you can see a Red army of Chinese slaves raking up truffles, digging the ground with bamboo rakes, to find any truffle for their masters to sell in the free world.  The 60 Minutes team does not complain about the working conditions of the Chinese slaves, they only complain that the product flooding Europe is inferior in taste and aroma to Italian truffles.  Those evil, crafty Chinese, messing up the plates of wealthy White Liberals around the world!

The story centers around a truffle mafia, mean people who go about stealing good truffles from honest truffle merchants.  Of course, stealing is still against the law in all of Europe, but they bandy about more laws to cure the problem.

Folks, there has been a cure to this problem throughout the ages and it involves very little government involvement.  The Europeans even invented a phrase for it: Caveat emptor ( /ˌkævɑːt ˈɛmptɔr/) or buyer beware.  It does not only apply to purchasing real property, it is especially valuable for the purchase of personal property, like truffles.

Even the libertarian philosophy allows for remedies to such skullduggery as passing off Chinese truffles for Italian truffles.  Misrepresentation of product is a libertarian sin that should land anybody practicing it in court.  The type of court is always a subject of debate in libertarian circles, criminal vs. civil, but there is no argument that it should be illegal to do such things.

Italian truffle babe Olga Urbani with Leslie Stahl
In the 60 Minutes piece there is not a mention by the attractive, fur coat draped, Italian truffle distributor about how she plans to stop buying from shady sellers.  No, she wants some sort of government solution to parachute in so that she does not need to examine her purchases.  National Socialism is still alive in Italy and France, coming soon to a truffle near you.

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