Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More for the Zionology Collection

Soviet Zionology films.  If only I had a Russian translator.

If you were curious about where all this modern anti-Semitic tripe since 1967 came from, it came from the Soviet Union propaganda machine.  The Soviets got upset when their client states failed to shove all of the Jews in Israel into the sea and started this campaign that Leftists and fellow travelers have been repeating ever since.

And don't even try to claim "copyright" on a movie produced by a collectivist government that no longer exists.

Please excuse me for leaving out the anti-Semitic screed that accompanies this one on YouTube, save for this factual intro:

Covert and overt. The objectives and actions of the Zionists (цели и деяния сионистов)
This unique film was created in the early 70s on behalf of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee and with the assistance of the KGB. It had before it the documents and facts exposing a stunning force. The film was shown to members of the public - the scientific and creative intelligentsia, as well as the top party leaders.
This one appears 'legit,' although I  do not know enough Russian to know exactly what they are saying about Israel. It appears to go through the usual false accusations of Zionist conquest of land and finance, with an animated map of a whole middle-east takeover.
This appears to be a different version and the YouTube citation says it was "restored in 1999".  Comments indicate it may be a forgery.

Covert and overt. The objectives and actions of the Zionists. (1973 USSR)

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