Thursday, June 28, 2012

Left vs. Libertarian on Fast and Furious

Another update: Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious 28 JUN 2012

National Review has a good timeline here.

The post below is an update to this: How Fast and Furious 2011 is like the Reichstag Fire 1933

Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow are either incredibly dense, transparent liars, or so blinded by melanin that they cannot possibly see any reason, other than race, why anybody would be bothered by the Barack Hussein Obama administration lying to Congress about supplying Mexican drug-lords with weapons that resulted in over 200 deaths.

View Nick Gillespie and Mort Zuckerman spar with Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow over Fast and Furious.  Full video here and the relevant clip with my commentary is here in HD (Android mobile version below).

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