Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ayn Rand and Mike Wallace

This Ayn Rand interview covers a lot of ground that I am referencing in my new book Super Duper Socialism.  First, the conversation between Wallace and Rand is a condensed version of almost any conversation between a government schooled person (Wallace's side) and people who actually went out on their own and looked up what really happened in history (Rand's side).

Rand informs Wallace that, among other things, the "Robber Barons" used government as a club against other people in a collectivist fashion.  Wallace erects strawmen and Rand burns them in his face.  I especially enjoyed the uranium example.
This interview was filmed before I was born, so of course I cannot take credit for any of the ideas expressed as being my own formulation, even though years later I observed the same things as Rand without yet knowing who she was.  Many other people noticed these things too, before and after Rand.

The point, that I am still formulating for the book, is that one does not really have to get deep into the mire of Economic theory to observe these things in one's own time, nor whilst reading the history of other times.
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