Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ghost Buses and Waterless Urinals

I took a little trip down the highway to the big city the other day finally got pictures of some oddities.  Above is what I call a "ghost bus,"  almost every seat but the driver's is empty and that is typical whenever one sees these buses.  They have other classes of empty buses too and digging up the ridership numbers might be a good exercise in picking truth from bullshit.  Note the motto on the bus.

Update 5 JUN 2012: Took another trip down the highway to the big city and spotted these cutsie buses for the college students:

 Two passengers, one driver.

Below is another strange sight:
In a hospital they have reverted to a fancy version of an outhouse.  The plaque boasts of "saving" 40,000 gallons of fresh water, by eliminating the flush.  Meanwhile, a major river flows tens of yards from this spot.

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