Sunday, July 22, 2012

Emancipation Draft of Sorts

In National Review on July 20, 2012 Allen C. Guelzo burned the midnight oil to post, at 4:00 A.M. Emancipation: The Un-Holiday
Lincoln himself thought the proclamation “the great event of the nineteenth century."

He informed us that today, 22 July 2012, is the 150th anniversary of the reveal to Lincoln's cabinet of the proclamation, and then he layers on the usual fiction that Lincoln was just trying to be properly legal by freeing only the slaves in the parts of the world that were no longer party of the Union.  I have always found it curious that Lincoln never bothered with staying legal in other areas that were inconvenient for his quelling of a widespread rebellion, like suspending habeas corpus without so much as asking the Congress.

He asked for, and got, a progressive income tax from the Congress, that was properly thrown out as soon as the US Supreme Court got to hear the case.  You see, the Congress passed and Lincoln signed that piece of work knowing full well that it was illegal under the Constitution to directly tax income of individuals.  Yet, Honest Abe could not see it in his fiber to waive his top hat and free all of the slaves.

You were aware that Lincoln did not free any slaves in Union loyal areas, like New Orleans, Louisiana and Kentucky, right?  If not just set your favorite search engine to find the Emancipation Proclamation and read the whole thing.  The world of racial bigotry history, at least the version taught to people who pay good money expecting to learn, is full of the fiction we all heard that flies in the face of the two paragraphs preceding this one.

Here is another one, from over one hundred years after the American Civil War: Communists eliminated racism in Cuba.  Due to the fiction spread from their own fellow travelers, Eldridge Cleaver and Earl Andrew Ferrell, jumped parole and fled to Cuba.  Much to their surprise, they discovered White Communists ran everything in in Cuba!  After being released from Cuban prison, they hung around a few months and "moved" to Algiers.  Cleaver returned to the USA in 1975.
See the article in the Google archive
When Cleaver returned to the USA in 1975, CBS covered the news thusly:

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