Saturday, July 14, 2012

Obama vs. the Ice Cream Cone, Plus Erotic Mermaids

From: The Nobody Listens to NPR Department
Something quite interesting, it seems that nobody, Left or Right, listens to National Public Radio (NPR).  If the Left listened, they would be yelling about "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" just like they yell about Sean Hannity.  If the Right listened, they would be applauding, while standing by their principles to end public funding of NPR, PBS, and the rest.

In this episode, the Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me gang discusses and jokes about President Barack Hussein Obama eating ice cream from a waffle cone with a spoon.  In the second half, they discuss the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency's (NOAA) report that mermaids have not been found, yet.

Images and additional video added by me, includes James Carville eating ice cream.

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