Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Would You Like Borders With That Socialism? Progress and Background

I think that I have most of this book in my head now.  The only hurdle is writing it down in a manner that others can follow, or at least stand to read.  The experience is a little strange, because I used to write papers, studies and long reports when I made my living as a defense analyst.  However, those writings were not for that broad of an audience.  There was always someone around to proof read too, and I am doing this solo.  My other books are fiction, set in the future, which is easier and harder than doing this.  It is easier because, in fiction, I invent the world that the characters populate.  Fiction is harder because In have to remember what I made up throughout a series.  I have no problem with consistency in non-fiction, but Socialists and Leftists have none of these problems, because they do not let that pesky consistency bother them.

Actually, the vetting of anything I touched in defense was reviewed, proof read, shot at, blown up, rewritten, and required approval of so many other analysts that it was nearly impossible for it to escape into the wild as bad work.

I am still reading Jonah Goldberg's book, Liberal Fascism.  I cannot stress enough what a must read book this is for any Libertarian, libertarian, conservative or Conservative.  Small confession here, when I began this writing project I sought out a copy of Liberal Fascism only as a reference source for my new book.  There was one, and only one, copy at Barnes & Noble and my only intention was to find a few important references that Jonah mentioned when he was speaking to the Heritage Foundation.  Being generous here, I will estimate that it took all of ten minutes for me to decide this paperback needed to be on my bookshelf.  It has been my constant companion, second only to my fiancee, for the past week.  See my YouTube channel under Favorites for video of Jonah Goldberg speaking before Heritage and at the Rio Grande Foundation.

One "problem" with this project is, like many other things, I thought of or observed many things that others have written about already.  Liberal Fascism covers more of things I thought of, within the scope of modern political divisions and their roots, than any other book I have found.

If that were all there were to it, I could just pass around writers and essays that match what I like and believe, help others to see the fallacy of Socialism, and be done with it.  Well, there is something else that I hope to bring to the table.  I see other connections that others seem to miss, or at least they do not connect them together.  Sticking with Liberal Fascism, Jonah writes at length about the Leftist/Socialist connection to Moscow.  There is a lot more to that than most political writers seem to acknowledge.

For this post, I leave you with yet another misuse of Fascist/Nazi combined with disinformation all rolled into one.  A video clip I shot 10 OCT 2010 that includes a Lyndon LaRouche supporter 30 seconds into the video.  If you do not know, the Lyndon LaRouche camp are the Democrats who show up at rallies with photoshopped posters of Obama wearing a Hitler mustache.  I allowed the LaRouche supporter to give his spiel about what they stand for.  Basically, they are for everything the Nazis were for, minus the genocide, but they paint Obama as Hitler.  I think the better image for Obama would be a black shirt with that cute little Il Duce cap and fasces.

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