Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So you think gays in the military is new?

A couple of notes here.  The article has a good timeline on when the events pertaining to the SA, the Brown Shirts, who were a mostly homosexual paramilitary organization.  Think of them as Hitler's Leather Men, armed to the teeth with a passion for cracking skulls.

The article falls short in falling for the utter nonsense that Hitler was not a Leftist.  He joined the National Socialists when he was supposed to be infiltrating them because he liked what they had to say, agreed with destroying capitalism and expanding social handouts.  He did get support from large corporations, the corporations that wanted to continue their existence and had little problem sucking up to the new sheriff in town.

Additionally, Hitler used groups cast to the fringe for his advantage before throwing them under the bus.  The same as Obama did his own grandmother.  Some historians wish to hold the party line that the homosexual makeup of the SA is some modern Right wing fantasy, even though Ernst Röhm was openly gay and that is well documented.  Röhm was arrested in bed, with his younger male lover, by Hitler and executed ten days later.  At the time, Röhm was one of the only people who could challenge Hitler for leadership of the National Socialist German Worker's Party and that was certainly not coincidental to his execution.

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