Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angela Davis: Queen of the Gun Straw Purchase

Angela Davis: Queen of the Straw Purchase
Shouldn't gun straw purchases be called Angela Davis purchases?

The Left likes to feign ignorance of their positions as soon as those positions are inconvenient to their goal of a totalitarian Utopia.  Take for instance the right to purchase or posses firearms.  When the Marxist-Stalinist Left was armed to the teeth, blowing up Soho and robbing banks, their advocates embraced the American right to keep and bear arms, especially since Marxists of most stripes consider armed struggle to be the path to "freedom."  Back then, not-so-Left American politicians wanted to restrict ownership in the name of public safety.

At first glance, these positions appear to be at odds with each other, like polar opposites, but they really are not.  They are both manifestations of statism through different means.  One to overthrow the existing state and replace it with something more authoritarian and the other to preserve the power structure by restricting freedom to "preserve freedom" as it were.

In the hearts and minds of old-line Leftists, Angela Davis is seen as a heroine who stood up against "the man" by helping arm the revolution.  Ask the same people if it is okay to purchase guns for people who might not be able to purchase them and, well, you will get a decidedly different reaction most of the time.

In fact, that is exactly what Angela Davis did, and she was acquitted, and it is what made her famous.  Don't take my word for it, listen to what her lawyer Dennis Roberts had to say about it after the trial. Angela Davis speaks near the end in a 2010 retrospect.  Neither of them express any remorse over the deaths of six people that began as a courtroom breakout attempt with guns purchased by Davis and given to seventeen year old Jonathan Peter Jackson.
Update: Call me shocked (literally), there is an idealistic connection between Angela Davis' gun purchases for the revolution and the man she says is "Of the Black Radical tradition": President Barack Hussein Obama.  After all, his Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau did order legal gun dealers to sell to Mexican revolutionary drug-lords.

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