Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On Leftist, Statist Double Standards

I've mentioned Sheryl Crow's Confederate flag pants over at the Suki fiction series blog and I finally got around to making a big picture of her wearing them for you to show your friends when they call you a liar about their favorite one-square-of-toilet-paper tree hugger:
If only I had made this image before Texanna Edwards decided on her prom outfit.  She could have had some ammunition for the statists at Gibson County High School, "LOOK! Sheryl Crow wore Confederate flag pants in a tribute to a pot smoking actor!  I demand equal freedom!"*
Texanna Edwards: Rights under siege.
If you are unfamiliar with Sheryl Crow's tribute to Steve McQueen (featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr.), take a look:

*I support individual rights. Wearing clothes; making, selling and drinking moonshine; as well as smoking pot are just a few examples.

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