Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Left Narrative in full Glory

In time I am pretty sure that the Romney vs. Obama dog love festival will be less than a footnote in history a decade from now, mostly due to general disinterest.  Of course, the mainstream media will do its part to help, by erasing it from their archives.  The true Right is already doing that at Reason, apparently for different reasons.

Here are a couple of videos I created about the Obama eating dog event.  What is interesting is the comments from an Obama supporter that showed up in response to the short video (included my comments too):
  • A 10 year old child is served a meal which is common in the country he is living. Big deal. Romney, a grown man, knowingly commits an act of cruelty. The dog crapped all over the place and they still kept him up there? Duh!
  • You Leftoids are hilarious! If Obama chased the dog down himself, skinned, cooked, and ate it, giving the pelt to his mother as a shawl you would still say sticking a dog in a carrier is worse. Keep it up and don't miss the Seinfeld Lost Episode now linked to in the video!
  • Obama was 6 years old, you moron. How old was Romney when he casually committed animal cruelty? This is true Romney, an out of touch blue blood and a narcissist.
  • Safe transport of a dog is "casually committed an act of cruelty" to you. Check.  You don't know the meaning of the words you use, just like your name calling.
Another subthread:
  • If Obama eats dog, I wonder what kind of meat does Michelle like?
  • She prefers her arugula flavored: wouldyoulikeborderswiththatsoc­­el/Condoms
  • Eventually all loony wingnuts reveal not only their severe lack of intelligence but their true rotten core.
If this were a discussion in person, there is little doubt that "liberalmann" would be on the verge of throwing food at this point. Throwing food is the ultimate expression of deep ideas for the Leftist.

The "Seinfeld Lost Episode" mentioned above:
Side note: If you want Leftoid comments, make your video very short. If you are trying to get libertarians or people of the true right to watch it, make it long. Just look at the stats and comments on the videos in my channel and see.

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